Social Media Users Speak On How Its Use Affects Their Mental Health.

Andisiwe Mtyingizane a user of social media says social media has a profound impact on mental health. Mtyingizane says he is reminded by these effects when he scrolls through his news feeds, comparing his live to the curated highlight reels of others. He says the constant stream of information, the pressure to present a perfect online persona, and the ease of namelessness can create a toxic environment that breeds bullying. Mtyingizane says he was also a victim of social media bullying and emphasizes that social media can be a double-edged sword. He says the constant comparison to others can foster a culture of competition, where one never feels good enough he elaborates.....  Insert (The power of social media) Charlmeenah Pieterse a feminist says the rise of cyberbullying has added a new layer of complexity to the issue of namelessness on the internet which can embolden individuals to say things they would never dare to say in person, leaving the other person feeling vulnerable and alone. She says it’s time to acknowledge the impact social media has on users' mental health and steps needs to be taken to create a safer, more supportive online community. She encourages users to practice self-care, set boundaries, and cultivate authentic connections....  Insert (effects of bullying) Lee-Aan Mapoo a youth member and social media user says, users should keep in mind that social media has taken many lives especially the youth. Mapoo elaborates...... Insert (lets better social media)

Journalist: Murial Meintjies

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