Police arrested 2 suspects in Springbok

The South African Police Service says they have arrested 2 men during routine crime prevention patrols on the N7 freeway in Springbok with dagga worth R350 000-00. According to a police statement, the arrest was made on the 3rd of July 2024. Police spokesperson Lieutenant colonel Sergio Kock says police also confiscated an undisclosed amount of cash from the suspects that is believed to be the proceeds of drug dealing. Kock says the 32 year old male driver and a 26 year old male passenger are expected to appear at the Springbok magistrate’s court soon for dealing in dagga. Kock says the following . . . "Insert" (TWO SUSPECTS)

Journalist: Tsosangkgotla Mararang
Email: tsosan@radioriverside.co.za

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