Upington Residents Raise Alarm over Unsanitary Public Toilets

Olga Swartz that resides in Upington Northern Cape expresses her concerns about what she calls the deplorable state of public toilets in the town, saying it is posing a significant health risks to both men and women. The public toilets, located in the central business district, are in a state of disrepair, with reports of overflowing sewage, lack of proper sanitation, and inadequate maintenance. Swartz says the following.....Insert (unsanitary toilets)  Another resident Patricia Van Wyk says as woman she is concerned about her health. Van Wyk says the public toilets are filthy, and she fear that if something is not done, an outbreak of diseases can happen. She elaborates.....Insert - publlic urinatingResidents says the situation has become so dire that some residents are avoiding the use of public toilets altogether, opting instead to use nearby businesses or restaurants. Residents are calling on the local municipality to take immediate action to address the issue and advises for proper maintenance, regular cleaning, and adequate sanitation facilities.   Insert (shop to shop)

Journalist: Murial Meintjies
Email: meintjies0844@gmail.com

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