Mec venus blennies meets with management of economic development and tourism

Following the appointment of the MECs of the 7th administration, various members of the Northern Cape executive council, conducted meet and greet sessions. In light hereof the newly appointed MEC for Finance, Economic Development, and Tourism, Venus Blennies, followed suit and along with her team, convened a meeting today with the Senior Management of both the Northern Cape Provincial Treasury and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. The department provides in an official statement that during the meeting, the MEC pledged her commitment to addressing issues within the departments and the province. The department also adds that she encouraged collaboration among team members, emphasized the importance of promoting corporate governance, and highlighted the need to strengthen support to municipalities. MEC Blennies says her vision is centered on accelerating economic growth and development through a multi-faceted approach that includes diversification, empowerment, employment, business creation, and sustainable development. She also emphasized the importance of communication within the department to ensure that information shared with the public is fair, truthful, non-sensationalist, and disciplined.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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