Spinnig and stance is not a crime says Upington residents

Newly elected Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture and president of the Patriotic Alliance (PA), Gayton Mckenzie recenly announced that car racing will be practiced as a sport in South Africa soon. When the news broke, according to sources, the car lovers were overjoyed saying the passion that they carry for this sport is inspiring. Speaking to local residents they commented that they understood spinning and stance to be just driving in circles and doing tricks out of the window, but it is so much more than that. Spinning was something that started in the townships in honor of fallen gangsters in the apartheid era, since then it has developed as a motorsport in south Africa, speaking to one of the locals to hear what their view are on this, he had the following to say. Insert- (for the love of stance) According to information there are a lot of dangerous aspects to the sport, but also a lot of positive aspects. A local resident had the following to say.Insert (Voor en nadele)The minister of sports, arts and culture Gayton McKenzie said his plan is to stop gangsterism with sports as he believes when boys get involved in sports they won’t have time for drugs.Insert - (hoe dit 'n kind se lewe kan verander) Many of the local feel the same as they agree that it can keep the kids off the street.Insert (Addreneline)

Journalist: Lizlsune van Wyk
Email: intern14@radioriverside.co.za

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