A Crisis of Faith: Community Loses Trust in Municipality’s Ability to Deliver services.

Residents say they are not satisfied with the service delivery in the David Kruiper municipality. An elderly person who stays in Upington said he has been living in this community his whole live, worked hard, and paid taxes. but now in his golden years, his left to suffer through electricity cuts, water shortage, sewage backups and garbage filled parks. He says it’s heartbreaking to see the, once a proud and thriving community, reduce to such a state. The local residents say they are forced to rely on candles and flashlights, worrying about accessing clean water and sidewalks littered with trash. Speaking to a local resident who is also elderly about the concerns of service delivery he shared his frustrations as follows.......Insert (frustrations) Local residents are complaining saying it’s a struggle to make ends meet and that the constant stress is taking a toll on their health and well-being. The elderly say they feel forgotten, ignored, and disrespected by the very authorities they entrusted to serve them. They say they are old, their voices are weak, but their frustration is loud and clear: they say they deserve better and won’t be silenced until Upington is restored to its former glory.

Journalist: Murial Meintjies
Email: meintjies0844@gmail.com

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