Coghsta provides answer to housing concerns

The Department of Cooperative Governance Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs in the Northern Cape took to social media on their official page to address complaints by communities which date back to before the 2024 elections regarding how long they have to wait for housing with one resident in the ZF Mgcawu local area having lodged a complaint saying that they applied for housing as early as 2017 but are still waiting. The department on their official social media acknowledged that this is a common complaint from residents of areas across the province that are still voiced to date and response hereto provides that they operate by method of waiting lists which are locally a driven initiative and in each municipality the waiting period differs. The department further adds that housing development normally takes place within a planned and prioritised process where the local conditions dictate what area should receive assistance first. They only note that residents must also remember that housing development takes time normally at least two years before a house in a new area is ready for occupation. The department says they are trying their best to deliver to the needs of communities with the 1 billion housing project being one of the current projects that is in progress and making way for designated amounts of residents to receive their housing.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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