Ga-segonyane municipality mayor responds to residents strike on road infrastructure challenges

On the 24 June 2024, the Mayor of the gasegonyane local municipality Neo George Masegela met with community members who are on strike at Gamonare Section (Batlharos) regarding internal paving road. The ga-segonyane municipality provides that as part of their protest action the community obstructed the road with stones. The municipality says that the initial plan was that the internal paving road in Gamonare be budgeted for Financial Year 2025/2026 in the Ga-Segonyana IDP document, however, the community were unhappy with this arrangement and stated that they have waited long enough and want the road immediately. In response to these claims by the commnunity the mayor at his turn reminded the community not to resort to a strike without proper engagement with his office as it is always open for the public and furthermore facilitated the engagement with resulted in the collective agreeing to have a follow up meeting and agree on alternative measures while waiting for implementation of the budgeted Internal road project.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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