Shoutout loud NGO seeking help

Abelien Maxwell, the founder of the "Shoutout Loud" foundation, explains that the name signifies the creation of a platform where young people can express their pain, guilt, and shame to find liberation. Abelien discusses the foundation's purpose, which is to provide a space where youth can rejuvenate and begin to believe in themselves once more. She provides further details...INSERT (Abelien)Naomi Slinger, a partner of Abelien Maxwell, delves deeper into how they wish for individuals to connect with their stories and find the bravery to seek help for their challenges. She also elaborates on the program they have conducted.INSERT (Naomi)The organization is hosting a program tomorrow designed to support children who are victims of assault, allowing them to simply enjoy being children and find happiness. Abelien gives more insight...INSERT (Abelien 2)She wraps up by sharing details about their major event scheduled for next Saturday, 29 June 2024, which will conclude the youth month celebrations.(Insert Abelien 3)

Journalist: Asathaba Grootboom

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