Provincial government youth day proceedings

The premier of the Northern Cape Dr Zamani Saul led the youth day proceeding of the Northern Cape provincial government yesterday in Postmasburg and did so as one of his first activities after being re-elected as premier of the Northern Cape for the 7th administration. Although the provincial government says the event was successful, it has received negative feedback from some members of the community who took to social media to express their grievances with the progression of the event and not receiving that which was committed to them. Attendees says the poster promised access to government services, yet those services were packed up and officials left immediately after the Premier's speech, without engaging with the youth therefore despite arriving on time and some saying many were not able to access any of the government services that were supposedly available. A notable out comes of the proceeding however is also mention made by the Premier Zamani Saul of an upcoming Labour programme worth over R300 million which will be rolled out in the province, the details of which will still be made known.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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