Winter chills descends on Upington.

The World Health Organisation, recently announced that Indoor air pollution in South Africa is a growing concern. As many residents resort to different means to keep warm this winter, authorities warn to keep caution when it comes to open fires, as the dry air can damage skin barriers and narrow airways, making it challenging for those with pre-existing conditions to breathe comfortably. The organisation says the change in season means that vegetation is dry and susceptible to fire. Colette Bossoff from Solenco Solutions for Environmental Comfort stated that many leave stoves, heaters, and fires indoors unattended and forget about ventilation inside their homes, this according to him can cause indoor pollution. She goes on to say the following....INSERT [INDOOR POLLUTION] Bossoff ends by saying residents of Upington can enjoy the beauty of winter while minimizing fire hazards and potential health risks by taking proactive steps to monitor and improve indoor air quality. Bossoff says this will help South Africans stay ahead of the season and enjoy greater comfort and peace of mind.

Journalist: Tasha-Ree Kella

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