Climate Change causes 26 more days of extreme heat

According to a report published on Tuesday 28 May 2024, by the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, the World Weather Attribution scientific network, and Climate Central, has found that the world has experienced an average of 26 more days of extreme heat over the last 12 months, than any other period in recent times, they say, a phenomenon, which would not have occurred without climate change. Scientists say climate change, due to global warming is causing heat to become the leading cause of climate-related death, with extreme weather events becoming more frequent and intense worldwide. Scientists caution that Upington and other arid regions may see more extreme circumstances in the future if immediate action is not taken to cut greenhouse gas emissions, they further encourage communities to work smarter this upcoming winter by reducing air pollution caused by unnecessary fires.

Journalist: Tasha-Ree Kella

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