Public works road repairs

The department of roads and public works have for months now embarked on a pothole eradication mission namely vala zonke and continue to repair potholes acroos the northern cape province. The head of the department Dr. Johny Mac Kay, has this week conducted oversight visits to various areas where repair work is being conducted. Earlier this week the head of the department conducted an oversight on the Vala Zonke pothole repair initiatives taking place in Kernhardt in the Z. F Mgcawu District and yesterday as accompanied by the Acting Director of the Namakwa District Office, Mrs. Ruth Van Hinsbergen, and the SANRAL Communications Team moved on to the namakwa area and joined the DRPW roads team where repairwork took place in Long Street in Okiep in the Namakwa District.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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