Illegal Power Connections Spark Concern in Communities

According to research, unemployment and high electricity bills make underprivileged townships in South Africa turn to illegal connections to power transmitters to sustain power supplies.  In conformity with Eskom this practice poses major risks, including fires and electrocution, Eskom estimated that this costs the company billions in lost revenue annually. The Minister of electricity pleaded in a briefing in Upington to South Africans to stop pursuing this saying the following......INSERT[CONNECTION] A resident in Upington says while this provides temporary relief, the practice poses serious risks, both to individuals and the wider community, and warns that it is dangerous....INSERT[DANGEROUS] Speaking to Residents in Upington many say individuals pulling electricity from one house to another, have resorted to this way of living because they do not have electricity where they live and do not know when they will obtain electricity. Since it has been 54 days of the no load shedding the minister encouraged individuals to be patient and not resort to this way of living due to desperation.

Journalist: Tasha-Ree Kella

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