1 billion housing handovers in the zf mgcawu district area and namakwa

On Tuesday 14 May 2024 a SOD-turning ceremony was held in the Nama Khoi local municipality, led by Premier Dr. Zamani Saul and MEC Bentley Vass, accompanied by MEC Maruping Lekwene. This ceremony formed part of a two - day initiative through which the early phases of the 1 billion housing project is being launched. The first day kicked off with a total of 143 houses that will be allocated to Nama-Khoi, with Concordia receiving 29, Bersig 45, and Nababeep 69 houses. The spokesperson for the department Babalwa Mzambo adds that the department is still in the process of selecting contractors. The MEC moved on to Calvinia yesterday where a total of 200 houses are being allocated to Calvinia in the Hantam municipal area. Upon the execution of this allocation ceremony the Executive Mayor of the Hantam local municipality had the following to say.... INSERT (mervin cloete) The MEC is today in Rosedale Upington to lead a sod ceremony for the previously indicated houses that will be build to the benefit of residents in Rosedale.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza
Email: mbalimasiza198@gmail.com

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