Community members of Makwetavalley, Paballelo, Upington

Members of the community at Makwetavalley, Paballelo, Upington raised concern over the bucket toilets. They say they stay more than 12 years waiting for the flash toilet since the local municipality promised them to build them. According to information, members of the community stay with the babies and the elderly people are affected by the smell and it causes diseases on them. The community members say the municipality always is not collecting the buckets on time. Members of the community say the following - - -    “Insert” (BUCKET 1)     Members of the community say when the buckets get full they use their own bucket in toilets to use toilets and it is not healthy for the children. Community members say the following - - -   “Insert” (BUCKET 2)   “Insert” (BUCKET SETSWANA)

Journalist: Tsosangkgotla Mararang

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