SPU approves resolutions as recommended by the Finance Committee of Council

The Sol Plaatjie University (SPU) says that it approves resolutions as recommended by the Finance Committee of Council (FINCO) made during a sitting the past Friday. In a written communication the SPU Council indicates that it resolved to implement a catering system corresponding with the budget constraints and sustainability for the remainder of 2024 for students residing in university-owned/managed accommodation, considering that it is sympathetic to the food insecurity and attendant risks to academic progression. The resolution according to council indicates that students in university-owned/managed residences, irrespective of their funding status, will receive a daily lunch meal provided by the University. And, students who receive a food allowance from NSFAS or other funders will use their monthly stipend to purchase additional daily meals from the retail outlets on campus or in the surrounding area. This follows petitions made to Council by the Student Representative Council (SRC) for the Sol Plaatje University (SPU) to implement a subsidized food scheme for the remaining 7 months of the 2024 academic year that would cover two meals for every registered student in university-owned/managed residence, whilst retaining, where applicable, their NSFAS allocations.  Furthermore, the council states that the subsidization of lunch meals for students residing in university-owned/managed accommodation will result in a R8.62 million deficit for the University in 2024, as opposed to the R24 million should the SRC proposal be adopted saying that this is not financially sustainable. However, the council says it hopes for a smooth transition to the fully outsourced catering model foreseen to be implemented in 2025 as students are therefore being given sufficient time to adjust to the new system.

Journalist: Rene Julies
Email: rckjulies@gmail.com

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