Elevation of traditional leaders ceremony

The Northern Cape provincial government says they yesterday after years of incorrectly recognizing the status of traditional leaders as Senior Traditional Leaders officially, not only corrected, but also elevated three Dikgosi (leaders) to Principal Traditional Leaders (DiKgosikgolo) as part of the first phase of their current correction process. According to a statement, the event of the day was lead by premier Dr Zamani Saul at Lesedi High School Sports Grounds in Batlharos in the John Taolo District Municipality. The Provincial government shares that the community came out in numbers to witness the event, which also saw the elevation of an additional 13 DiKgosana to Senior Traditional leaders (DiKgosi). Furthermore the provincial government notes that this ceremony was only the first phase therefore a second phase will be rolled out in the coming week which will see the correction and elevation of Dikgosi and Dikgosana from the Batlhaping Ba Phuduhutswana.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza
Email: mbalimasiza198@gmail.com

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