Kathu 5700 serviced sites project

The Premier of the Northern Cape Dr. Zamani Saul and MEC of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs Bentley Vass and an executive delegation yestersay received the Kathu 5700 Serviced Sites Project from Gap Infrastructure Corporation (GIC) in Kathu in the Gamagara Local Municipality. Coghsta provides in an official statemnt that a total of three hundred and eighty million rands has been spent on this project and was spent to ensure that the backlog is closed and and adequate housing is provided to the community. According to information in attendance at the event was the premier Dr Zamani Saul who at his turn remarked that provincial governments primary focus is on 3587 of the sites which are for low cost RDP housing, sports grounds, schools and libraries with one thousand and twenty-four (1024) of the sites to be allocated to the missing middle. The provincial governemnt explains the missing middle as being residents that do not qualify for bank loans, and also do not qualify for RDP housing which largely refers to public servants like nurses, police, teachers and socials workers and many more working citizens.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza
Email: mbalimasiza198@gmail.com

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