Victim Empowerment Services of DSD

The department of social development says victim empowerment is an approach to facilitating access to a range of services for all people who have individually or collectively suffered harm, trauma and or material loss through violence, crime, natural disaster, human accident and/or through socio-economic conditions. Emmanuel Myburgh, supervisor from Department of Social Development that works with Victim Empowerment Services (VEP) and also crime prevention services explained the purpose of Victim Empowerment Services.... INSERT  (Insert (Myburgh 1)He also talked about the VEP centeres in the ZFM district and elaborated as follows..... (Insert (Myburgh 2)Myburg says the program is having a certain target group so that the information shared reaches the right people. He has more.....(Insert (Myburgh 3)

Journalist: Asathaba Grootboom

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