Weather SA warns against extreme weather conditions

WeatherSA recently issued a warning for Upington and the neighbouring areas for dangerous weather caused by high temperatures and shifting winds. Under these conditions, fires can spread quickly, causing property damage and sometimes even fatalities.   This is in line with reports of flare-ups that occurred overnight in Table Mountain National Park as a result of shifting winds. The widespread burning that occurred in the steep terrain prompted SANParks to act right away.   SANParks in the Western Cape have closed all hiking routes to the mountain to protect the public and firemen. In a statement, SANPark officials say they want to emphasize the importance of preserving the natural asset and everyone's safety during this critical period. WeatherSA continues to warn that Upington and surrounding areas are still in danger of veld fires and that caution should be taken. The weather service warns residents against living open fires unattended while motorist are cautioned against throwing burning cigarette buts out of the windows of moving vehicles.  

Journalist: Tasha-Ree Kella

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