Interview on the violence in schools in our communities

Constable Mahura, an officer in the social crime prevention office in Kakamas spoke to radio riverside about the increase of incidents of school violence in the community. Constable Mahura says that the level of school violence is a major concern in society, that they as the police have identified. He says the increase is because of many reasons amongst others, the frustrations and stress that children experience as a result of their home circumstances and gangsterism. Mahura explains......INSERT (Mahura 1) Const Mahura says the police have various outreach programs that is conducted on a regular basis in schools especially schools identified as the hotspots. He says they also have joint initiatives with the department of education and various other stakeholders as attempts to address the issue of violence in schools. Constable Mahura says this is an issue that needs the involvement of society as a whole including parents, teachers and all stakeholders..........INSERT (Mahura 2)

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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