The provincial government hosts an albinism awareness event

July marks the end of a month-long celebration of youth, with various events and programs taking place throughout the province. As a final highlight, the MEC for Youth, Women, Persons with Disabilities, E-Government and Communications in the Northern Cape, Venus Blennies, has partnered with the Albinism Sector to host an International Albinism Awareness program at the Sharon Baptist Church. This program serves as a tribute to International Albinism Awareness day, which falls on June 13th and coincides with youth month. The provincial government aims to use this day to raise awareness about individuals living with albinism, as they often face multiple forms of discrimination due to the profound misunderstandings surrounding this condition, both socially and medically. The International Albinism Awareness program seeks to shed light on these challenges and promote a more inclusive and accepting society for individuals with albinism. By hosting this program, the organizers hope to encourage young people to become advocates for inclusivity and equality. With the support of government officials, community leaders, and concerned citizens, it is believed that positive change can be achieved.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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