ZF Mgcawu international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking event

The department of Social Development in Upington is today commemorating the international day against substance abuse and illicit trafficking. The department says in a statement,  the aim of this year’s World Drug Day campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of treating people who use drugs with respect and empathy, providing evidence-based voluntary services for all, offering alternatives to punishment, prioritizing prevention, and leading with compassion. The department adds that the campaign also aims to combat stigma and discrimination against people who use drugs, and furthermore address unequal gender norms by promoting language and attitudes that are respectful and non-judgmental. The program started at 10 this morning in Rosedale at the VGK church hall. Mr tebogo mokae communications officer for the department gives more information about the activities of the day (Insert VGK Upington)

Journalist: Mbali Masiza
Email: mbalimasiza198@gmail.com

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