Police search for the suspect after police official was murdered in Batlharos

The police are investigating a murder and attempted murder case following the fatal shooting of an off duty detective sergeant attached to the Batlharos detective unit in Kuruman on Monday, the 12th June 2023. Police spokesperson brigadier Mashay Gamieldien says a tenant residing in an informal structure building in the deceased official's backyard and an acquaintance were allegedly involved in an altercation at a separate premises in Batlharos. Gamieldien says the tenant fled home but was followed by the suspect who shot him in the leg inside his shack behind the house of the police sergeant. She says the victim ran for help to the sergeant and when he came out of his house the suspect shot him in the back. Gamieldien elaborates more ......"Insert" (BATLHAROS)    

Journalist: Tsosangkgotla Mararang
Email: tsosan@radioriverside.co.za

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