The department of roads and public works closes off their change management information sessions

The department of roads and public works shared the final day in a sequence of Change Management Information Sessions on their official social media page which they have engaged in over the last week. The last day of these sessions was conducted yesterday at the City of Hope Church in kimberley. According to their statement by the department describing the activities of the day the department added that the Head of the Department, Dr. Johny MacKay, welcomed Head Office and Fleet Management Trading Entity officials while the officials from the Frances Baard District, inclusive of the roadworkers and foremen from Jan Kempdorp, Delportshoop, Griekwastad, Ritchie and Douglas were briefed regarding the ├žentralisation of the infrastructure development function. The department finally closed of their post by emphasising the ultimate goal of the department which is the reclaiming of their mandate to advance infrastructure and economic development in the province.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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