speaks on underage drinking this Youth Day, a South African non-profit organization, is addressing the issue of underage drinking this Youth Day, 16 June 2024. Their No to Under 18 program aims to educate youth about the health and social risks of underage drinking, as research shows that 19.9% of South Africans, drink by the age of 13, and nearly 50% of high school learners have had alcohol. The organization says this initiative aims to bring awareness to the risks associated with underage drinking namely impaired brain development, higher chance of alcohol addiction, and increase in harmful behaviours. aims to spark meaningful conversations about responsible behaviour and promote a culture of responsible drinking by addressing underage drinking as a whole, Mokebe Thulo, Head of the Brand for believes that community leaders, parents, and educators working together can help lower the severity of underage drinking.

Journalist: Tasha-Ree Kella

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