DA in the province says it will safe NC from economic failure

Dr Isak Fritz - DA Northern Cape Premier candidate in a statement says that Kumba Iron Ore’s quarterly sales fell by 10% due to logistical challenges and this confirms the urgent need for infrastructure upgrades and expansion of transport networks in the Northern Cape, especially the port and rail systems needed for the efficient movement of goods to and from the province. Fritz says  the mining sector plays a significant role in the provincial economy, as  its contribution to job creation efforts are limited by infrastructure limitations. He says that the party launched its innovative policy , which will according to him  rescue the economy and to drive greater economic growth. Fritz says so  doing  will require dismantling state monopolies on rail and port networks and normalising tariffs administered at ports. Furthermore , Fritz says the DA aim to turn ports into enablers of economic growth by modernising, upgrading and expanding port infrastructure, embracing digitalisation, and optimising vessel disembarking schedules and cargo handling.

Journalist: Rene Julies
Email: rckjulies@gmail.com

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