residents in keimoes complain on the lack of service delivery in their area

This past weekend the Northern Cape Provincial Government along with local officials conducted the 30 years of democracy celebration in the Kai Garieb municipal area. During these proceedings residents gave their take on the progress made as a country in the 30 years of democracy most especially with regards to the quality of service delivered in their areas. Two residents shared their challenges which they experience with regards to electricity access in their respective locations. Yolandi Beukes resident of Gamakor in the Keimoes area says as residents of Gamakor, they are still waiting on a commitment made to electrify their area since 2010.........INSERT (yolandi insert)Another resident Mietjie Isacks also from Keimoes lodged a complaint of her own saying that she has lodged various applications for the replacement of her faulty electricity box after it was damaged in 2019 in a damaging storm and nothing has happened so far......INSERT (mietjie insert)The Kai Garib local municipality was not available for comment at the compilation of this article. Response from them is still awaited.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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