Writers concern of the future of online material

The counterfeiting industry in South Africa is estimated to be worth at least R3.62 billion. According to information in just one month earlier this year, SAPS seized counterfeit goods worth over R30 million. This is believed to be yet a reminder at the backdrop off World Book and Copyright Day celebrated on 23 April 2024. Stan Shikwambana, founder of local online book platform Visionary Writings, urges communities to be more aware of the damage that copyright infringements, piracy, and counterfeiting have on writers who are making a living by publishing their work online. World Book and Copyright Day is a UNESCO-led initiative that promotes the enjoyment of books and reading. Schools across the Northern Cape has joined in on the events held to recognize the power that books have to link the past and the future, and bridge generations and cultures. The Northern Cape department of education encourages the reading of a book a day through established book reading clubs at various schools.      

Journalist: Rene Julies
Email: rckjulies@gmail.com

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