AJ Ferreira high school, Rosedale, Upington, ZF Mgcawu district

Classes were disrupted at AJ Ferreira high school earlier today. This after an alleged incident that happened yesterday where a student attacked a teacher. Learners and teachers are demanding that the department of education hear their cries as violent activities are increasing at the school. The acting principal of AJ Ferreira high school Elizabeth Mariana Malgas says they interacted with the department of education including stakeholders of education but received no help. Malgas says the following..........“Insert’ (AJF ACTING PRINCIPAL 1)She says the learner who assaulted the teacher is suspended and urged learners to make the school a better place by working together........."Insert" (AJF ACTING PRINCIPAL 2)   Teachers at the school say they want intervention as they don't feel safe at the school anymore. This is how the teachers reacted..... “Insert” (AJF TEACHERS INSERT) The leader of the students representing council Aneka Tieties says they want education and said the following...........“Insert” (SRC ANEKA) The head of the students prefect Loiso Prekwa who is a grade 12 shared his dissappointment about the incident of yesterday....."Insert" (LOISO)Learners reacted as follows......."Insert" (AJF STUDENTS)The department of education says they have received a petition from educators and will give immediate attention to demands raised.

Journalist: Tsosangkgotla Mararang
Email: tsosan@radioriverside.co.za

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