Police arrested 2 men in Petrusville & in Marydale

Police arrested 4 men for stock theft in 2 separate incidents in Petrusville and in Marydale on the 17th April 2024. Police spokesperson sergeant Sergio Kock says Petrusville police followed up on information regarding men slaughtering sheep in a skwatacamp area in Petrusville. Kock says on arrival police found sheep carcasses, skins, heads and intestines and stock theft tools and arrested a 27 year old man. He says further investigation led to another premises and police found another slaughtered sheep carcass, heads, feet and intestines in the fridge and arrested a 29 year old man. Kock says a utility bakkie, believed to be used in the commission of a crime was confiscated and the suspects will appear in court soon. 

Journalist: Tsosangkgotla Mararang
Email: tsosan@radioriverside.co.za

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