Coghsta conducts engagement sessions with communities in namakwa

The Namakwa Regional Office of the Department of COGHSTA, yesterday 17 April 2024, hosted successful engagement sessions with the community of Calvinia in the Hantam Local Municipality as part of ongoing education and awareness campaign about the work and mandate of the Department. Coghtsa provides in an official statement that these engagements took place as morning sessions and was attended by military veterans who were engaged about the beneficiary processes towards access to housing for the military veterans and was facilitated by Debra Kordom from the Human Settlements Programme of the Department. The department furthermore conducted an afternoon session which involved the broader community of Calvinia and was facilitated by Christobel Adams from the Land Administration Unit. The department says the afternoon session was about title deeds and the importance of these documents which confirms or proves that one is the owner of a property after having been transferred into ones name.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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