Vandalism in emthanjeni municipal area

The Emthanjeni local municipality in De Aar has raised great concerns on Vandilism which is experienced in the area and is posing as a great challenge to them as the municipality. This concern is raised in light of electrical infrastructure vandalism in Gladiola Street where residents hang inappropriate and unnecessary objects on the electrical wiring of the street and furthermore cause damage to wiring that has ended up hanging detached on the streets or hanging out of the position in which they are built to be. The municipality published a notice on their social media expressing their disappointment on the vandalism by residents and the reluctance of residence to report these incidents and therefore also added a request to residents of Gladiola Street to work with the Municipality to stop the unnecessary practice of vandalism as it has the potential of keeping the entire street and the surroundings without electricity.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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