The National Teachers Union (NATU) in Upington, ZF Mgcawu district

The national teacher’s union (NATU) visited the ZF Mgcawu district in Upington yesterday, the 11th of April 2024. The organization held its 106th anniversary at the Thembelihle hall in Paballelo, Upington. The president of the national teacher’s union Sibusiso Malinga says they are happy with the attendance because the organization contributed a lot in the matric results of 2023. Malinga elaborates………. “Insert” (NATU PRES 1)  Malinga says when they arrived in the ZF Mgcawu district they found a shortage of teachers of which they need to take it up with the department of education including the security question in other schools. Malinga elaborates more……….. “Insert” (NATU PRES 2)  The chairperson of NATU in Upington branch Basil Steenkamp says on behalf of the branch as deputy chairperson the event was very important for teachers because as NATU, they ensure they enhance teaching and learning. Steenkamp says the following……. “Insert” (NATU CHAIRPERSON) Teachers who are members of NATU in the ZF Mgcawu district say they are very happy to hear that they must conduct themselves as professional teachers and respect the learners. Teachers say the following………. “Insert” (NATU TEACHERS)

Journalist: Tsosangkgotla Mararang

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