Combating Food Security through Home gardens in Upington

Research indicates that food insecurity and climate change challenges make it difficult for South Africans especially residents of Upington and surrounding areas to keep up with grocery costs and uncertain weather patterns. To lessen the negative effects of these crises, there has been an increasing interest in strengthening and intensifying local food production. Women in farming took the initiative to educate and encourage locals on the importance of cultivating their home gardens in these uncertain times. Leenie a representative for women in farming, recently spoke about how locals can dry seeds from fruits and vegetables they buy and start to plant them in their gardens. She further elaborated on how women in farming taught locals how to use home remedies as organic pest control for their gardens… INSERT [Gardens]  A resident from Upington Ursula Beukes took pride in explaining how far she has come with her food garden… INSERT [Home farmer] It is believed that initiatives such as these in Upington help promote healthier eating habits, transforming the community into a model of resilience and sustainability. As climate change continues to shape agricultural practices, the power to combat rising food insecurity lies within the hands of individuals and communities.

Journalist: Tasha-Ree Kella

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