Electricity Minister Elaborates On SA’s Energy Action Plan

South Africans have been without load-shedding for just under two weeks, the longest period so far in 2024 says Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, as he spoke at a media briefing earlier this morning. Aiming to address and promote sustainable development, the minister shared a transparent update on the Energy Action Plan since its initial implementation in July 2022. The Energy Action plan reveals the trend lines of improvement, diversifying the energy mix, increasing renewable energy deployment, and improving energy efficiency. The minister explained that the government aims to achieve 50% renewable energy in the national grid by 2030, highlighting the potential of renewable resources like solar and wind energy. The plan also includes measures to improve infrastructure, promote energy-conscious behaviour, and encourage industries to adopt cleaner technologies. Despite the ambitious goals, challenges remain, including the transition from coal to renewable energy. The government is committed to fostering partnerships with local and international partners to ensure the plan's success. The Energy Minister emphasized how the ministry is working to be ahead of demand this winter to supply South Africans with efficient electricity.

Journalist: Tasha-Ree Kella
Email: tashakella13@gmail.com

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