Elections in South Africa: Voters from Upington making wise decisions

As South Africa prepares for its upcoming elections on 29 May 2024, leaders from different movements say it is crucial for South Africans to understand the long-term goals and promises of political parties. Abigail Brooke, a community activist, working with Inyanda National Land Movement says that it is important for community members to take the time to educate themselves about voting and why they are voting. She elaborates with the following… INSERT [ABIGAIL VOTE] She adds by saying voters should be cautious about misinformation and propaganda that the political parties are enforcing and that the community should engage in debates, attend town hall meetings, and attend political gatherings to help hold politicians accountable for their promises and actions. In return gain a deeper understanding of their values and commitment to the country’s long-term prosperity.  

Journalist: Tasha-Ree Kella
Email: tashakella13@gmail.com

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