NC education satisfied with the opening of second term

The Northern Cape Department of Education  has welcomed back educators, learners and support staff at schools with the start of the second academic term. According to the department no major challenges were reported with the start of the new term. The department said it is aware of the planned water shutdown in the Sol Plaatje Municipality, scheduled as from 4 April, which will affect schools in and around Kimberley.  The department says that these schools have put in place contingency plans and the department advised principals to use their discretion, depending on the availability of water and the situation, as the health and safety of educators, learners and support staff is of priority. District offices will monitor the situation at schools closely and provide the necessary guidance. In the event where teaching and learning are negatively affected, a curriculum recovery plan will be developed to ensure that learners academic performance are not negatively affected, says the department.

Journalist: Rene Julies

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