Provincial government host pigf meeting

The Premiers Intergovernmental Forum (PIGF) met yesterday for the last PIGF for the transition from the Sixth to the Seventh Administration of government. According to a statement by the provincial government the main objective of the meeting was to take stock and consolidate the work that was done over the last five years as the PIGF is a platform in terms of the constitution, which brings together all leaders of government and the three spheres government to plan in an integrated manner as well as guide their development trajectory. The Provincial government notes that an important area covered at the PIGF was the 5 year water and sanitation reliability plan to provide a comprehensive implementation plan to achieve reliable water services for all water services authorities and to focus on reliable and sustainable service delivery. In addition to presentations made, the provincial government adds that municipalities were also informed to encourage communities to collect their  smart ID cards at Home Affairs offices especially now that the national elections date has been declared for the 29 May 2024.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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