Learner and teenage pregnancies comes under the spotlight.

The Commission for Gender Equality in the Norther Cape, which is an independent statutory body and chapter 9 institution established in terms of section 181 of the constitution to protect, promote, and advance gender equality has brought the prevalence of learner and teenage pregnancy under the spotlight.  According to the commission this is a societal crisis that is derailing the attainment of gender equality and thus the need to educate local communities. Research done by the Commission for Gender Equality shows a concerning crisis of girls from the age of 10 – 19 fall pregnant and often do not return to school which contributes to the alarming number of schools dropouts. The commission says this is an issue of concern to the body as it undermines the efforts of ensuring that girls are free from inequalities. Contributing factors to learner and teenage pregnancies according to the commission are, gender-based violence which includes statutory rape, economic disparities - as limited economic opportunities often propel them to early marriages or unintended pregnancies, societal norms and cultural belies, and limited access to reproductive health services. Furthermore, the Commission for Gender Equality states that the lack of implementation of existing policies cannot be ruled out as reason for the prevalence of learner and teenage pregnancies.

Journalist: Rene Julies
Email: rckjulies@gmail.com

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