Alcohol and drug office in Upington offering assistance to persons battling with alcohol and drug misuse.

Community development workers in Upington are providing support and resources to those struggling with substance abuse, encouraging them to seek treatment and begin their recovery journey. According to research conducted by the database SA drug statistics, the occurrence of substance abuse in South African communities is a major problem, revealing that 15% of South Africans suffer from some sort of drug issue, and drug usage in South Africa is twice as high as the global average. Suleen Julius, a community development worker from the Northern Cape Alcohol and Drug office located in Upington, expressed her disappointment in witnessing this phenomenon gain traction. She adds that in Upington, specifically in the Lousivale area, the number of drug abuse cases has seen a significant increase between 2023 and 2024, with women being the majority of those affected. She believes that it is crucial to educate as many residents as possible to address this issue effectively. She elaborates more about the intervention programs the Northern Cape Alcohol and Drug office provides…..... INSERT [SULEEN]  She concludes by stating that they will continue to support individuals who finished their programs and will ensure their recovery process is supported.......  INSERT [PROGRAMS]

Journalist: Tasha-Ree Kella

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