Police arrested 2 suspects in Pofadder

Police says the alertness of Pofadder police led to the recovery of the ambulance minutes after it was allegedly stolen from the hospital premises in Pofadder on the 24th February 2024 at six o’clock in the evening. Police spokesperson Lieutenant colonel Sergio Kock says the ambulance was apparently parked in front of the hospital when it stolen. Kock says police recovered the ambulance on the N14 near the Gamsberg Mine between Pofadder and Aggenys minutes later. He says police arrested 2 suspects aged 23 and 24 years old for theft of a motor vehicle and are expected to appear at Pofadder magistrates court soon. 

Journalist: Tsosangkgotla Mararang
Email: tsosan@radioriverside.co.za

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