Saul says 6th administration remains committed to ensure health and educations objectives reached in 2019 are reached.

In his arguments during the debate on the State of the Nation address, Premier Dr. Zamani Saul alluded that the 6th administration being its remainder period in office remains committed to ensure that the health and education sectors in the province achieve objectives as set out in 2019.  Saul argued that since 2019 there is an increase in better access to education. He says the percentage of no schooling has indicated a significant drop from 22.7% in 1996 to - 6,7% in 2022 which is a clear indication of exponential increase of access to education in the province. Furthermore, Saul alluded to the 300 000-learner enrollment mark that was exceeded for the first time in 2024 at 554 schools across the province. Saul is to deliver the state of the province,  on 29 February 2024.

Journalist: Rene Julies

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