international childhood cancer day

A Kakamas and Cape Town based Organization Catwalk Models International focused on raising awareness to social issues affecting society as part of commemorating the international childhood cancer day. This day is commemorated annually with the purpose of raising awareness to parents and individuals in and around the country on the various cancers which commonly affect young kids, the symptoms to look out for to aid early detection and also to gain financial or material support from various sources in an attempt to help those parents who’s children may be diagnosed with cancer and do not have the means to pay the financial bills that come with the processes of treatment. In an interview with Radio Riverside, the director of the organization Silvia Craucamp highlighted the extent to which children are affected by cancer……. INSERT (SILVIA1) Craukamp notes that most cases are detected late for children because parents tend to assume or doctors only resorting to a cancer diagnoses after treatments for flu and other less serious conditions fail and by then a child may have reached stage 3 or 4 of cancer. She also attributes the lack of hospital resources to the failure of early treatment as she says there is only 1 hospital in Kimberley equipped to give some form of treatment while for more serious cases children either have to be sent to the Western Cape of Bloemfontein in the Free State for treatment. 

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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