Unease around The Upstream Petroleum Resources Development Bill

Concerns about the Upstream Petroleum Resources Development Bill (UPRD Bill) and its potential impact on climate change efforts have recently been expressed. The Environmental advocacy group, The Green Connection argues that the bill lacks transparency and accountability in its processing and consultation provisions, denying the public the right to be consulted on matters that may affect their health, livelihoods, and access to resources. Lisa Makaula the advocacy leader for the Green Connection said the following…  INSERT [LISA M] The organization also opposes the expansion of powers for the Petroleum Agency (PASA), calling for mandatory public consultations and access to information for informed decision-making. The Green Connection has submitted its comments on both the UPRD Bill and the Climate Change Bill and is currently preparing its submission on the Integrated Resources Plan (IRP). Provincial hearings on the UPRD Bill are still ongoing, while dates for public hearings on the Climate Change Bill are yet to be announced.

Journalist: Tasha-Ree Kella
Email: tashakella13@gmail.com

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