ICC U19 Cricket World Cup

The International Cricket World Cup tournament is currently taking place in South Africa. The ICC Under 19 men’s cricket world cup started on 19 January 2024 and will conclude on 11 February 2024. Faranani Budeli, the ICC U19 World Cup's Media Manager says, the tournament is featuring 16 teams and 41 matches. She says, the 16 team are divided into four groups, and the top three teams in each group will advance to the Super Six stage. Budeli says, these matches are played in different parts of the country including Kimberley in the Northern Cape where matches began on the 21st. Budeli says the teams have been performing well since the beginning, and the community has been supportive.  Budeli confirmed saying that the tournament wrapped up yesterday with Australia beating India by 76 runs. She goes on by expressing her gratitude on the support experienced during the time of the International Cricket World Cup.

Journalist: Asathaba Grootboom
Email: asathabagrootboom2018@gmail.com

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