Gamagara youth development unit doalogue

The Gamagara Youth Development Unit in Kathu this past weekend Partnered with Stakeholders including the South African Police Services and Community Policing Forum to host a Youth Dialogue in Gamagara to the benefit of youth from the area. According to a statement shared on the municipalities official social media their Youth Development Unit as led by Isaac Obuseng, participated in a sports day which saw various youth composed teams from the area playing against one another in this weekend’s program which also successfully included the municipal soccer team to form part of the festivities of the weekend. Furthermore as part of the activities of the weekend a dialogue was conducted and is said to have aimed at addressing social issues such as early and unplanned teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and GBV in society. A group of young people also had a peaceful march in the area with others to show solidarity against all the social ills with plague society today.

Journalist: Mbali Masiza

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