Tourism stakeholder consultation session

A stakeholders consultation meeting draft plan was held today to assist the Dawid Kruiper municipality with the creation of a Tourism Development plan. Participants included the national department of tourism, the Northern Cape department of economic development and tourism, and the Local Economic Development office of the Dawid Kruiper municipality. Municipalities which include DKM, Umzobomvu, and Carnavon were identified in the province to have its tourism plans developed. Each of the partners that gathered today for this engagement acknowledged the significance of developing a strategy that addresses the difficulties faced by industry participants and identifies solutions. Andile Mlawu, assistant director for tourism in the province elaborates on the significance of the session. Insert  -  Tourism The document will be made available to the public for input by the end of the week, with a submission of the draft plan by the end of the current financial year. The plan ought to be finalized in the new financial year. Dirk Pienaar, //Khomanisan tourism and conservation officer, says the following…Insert -  Stakeholder

Journalist: Rene Julies

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