water quality in tsantsabane local municipal area

The municipal manager of the Tsantsabane local municipality Gaonyadiwe Mathobela has issued a letter in which the questions about the water supply of the area are being addressed for the benefit and knowledge of the public residents. Mathobela in his letter states that the municipality provides water to residents in two ways, through boreholes and the Vaal central water board. He says he however notes that at present due to debt owed to the Vaal central water board the municipal water supply is restricted to 30 % and as a result hereof they are supplementing their distribution with water tinkering. He further adds that the municipality currently has an improved blue drop status on the quality of the water and are prioritising municipal public jojo tanks placed at Greenfields, Mountainview, Newtown, Hopeville, White city and the Postdene area in order to supply drinking water to residents.  

Journalist: Mbali Masiza
Email: mbalimasiza198@gmail.com

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